Two days: Transnational meeting Granada (November 25-26)

On November 25 and 26, 2019, we had a transnational meeting to check the progress of the Pathway project. The attendees were:

Gent: Dirk Elewaut, Johan Vande Walle, Thomas Renson, Ann-Sophie de
Craemer, Liselotte Deroo
UCL: Colby Benari, Geraint Rees
Granada: Juan Ignacio Arcelus Martínez, José Peinado, José Exposito
Danone Nutricia Research: Belinda van‘t Land, Farah Kools
UMC Utrecht: Olle ten Cate, Berent Prakken, Annet van Royen, Margot Weggemans
Extra invited: Norman Rosenblum (University of Toronto)

In the attached document you can find information about the topics discussed on the meeting.

Granada – Accompanying document

Workshop ‘Mentorship for mentors’

During this workshop, Colby Benari (University College London), discussed the following topics:

  • Understand how to start a new mentoring relationship on the best footing.
  • Successfully structure a mentoring conversation.
  • Apply networking skills to find mentoring support.