Current translational medicine fails to sufficiently bridge the gap between bench and bedside. This results in a tremendous waste in research investments and numerous biomedical innovations that never reach the bedside. There is broad consensus that clinician-scientists (doctors/surgeons with a full scientific training) hold the key to bridge this gap.

However, the number of clinician-scientists is declining due to the failure to retain them in the academic and industrial workforce. In order to bridge the gap between bench and bedside, we started the PATHWAY project. We will conduct research to further improve training and career pathways for clinician-scientists and invest in educating this next generation.

Pathway is an EU project, with the following objectives:

  • Creating efficient, sustainable and attractive career pathways for clinician-scientists, in order to support and retain them as key players in the advancement of translational medicine.
  • Innovating clinician-scientist extracurricular education to provide them with tools to successfully combine both clinical and research tasks, including the development and implementation of a mentorship programme.
  • Generating impact by raising awareness amongst all stakeholders throughout Europe (including policy makers and regulators) of the added value of clinician-scientists in bridging the gap between bench and bedside.

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Project timeline

November 5

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the Translational Scientist

October 30

Start of the Pathway online mentoring course + track

October 6

Pathway webinar – Mentoring for clinician scientists/ Life scientists

March 26

Translational Immunology congress in Ghent

November 25

Two days: Transnational meeting Granada

July 12

Workshop ‘Mentorship for mentors’

July 11

Mentoring session during Summer School

July 10

Educhallenge 2: Giving a voice to patients: how patients will help you to perform impactful research

July 9

Educhallenge 1: Navigating innovation between academia and industry

July 7

Utrecht Summer School 2019 – Translational Medicine: Doing the Right Research Right

April 1

Third transnational meeting – Ghent

November 23

Presentation during LERU workshop – Clinical Research Careers

November 9

Extra meeting UMC Utrecht / Ghent University – online course

July 12

Mentoring session during Summer School

July 9

Translational Medicine: Doing the Right Research Right

June 4

Translational Meeting London

November 10

Kickoff Meeting