Belinda van 't Land

Belinda van’t Land (PhD)

Belinda van’t Land (PhD) is a Sr. Scientist within Nutricia Research and affiliated to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, UMC Utrecht. She currently leads a cross-functional research team (consisting of a Post-doc, 3 PhD students and a Sr. Assistant Scientist) studying the complex interplay between nutrition and immunological development in early life. She obtained her PhD at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, which focused on the immunopathology involved in mucosal barrier injury with the impact of nutrition as key study aspect. With increasing interest in immunological challenges and the passion for translational research she took the role as scientist within Nutricia Research and performed clinical as well as preclinical research leading to a fast amount of publications, patents as well as granted research collaborations. With her passion for early life immune development and believe that nutrition can make the difference, she is dedicated to increase the translational capacity of current research collaboration.

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